Keystocks-Lite Technical Analysis Software (EOD)

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Scan and Analysis options

Keystocks Software provide many flexible scanning options witth ease. No coding or extra files required to scan stock market. Although Keystock is fully loaded with options, and updated every month with some new options. If you want some customized scans then please feel free to ask us, we will make it done for you without any charges. First Technical Analysis software in India which shows scan results directly as Image Show

   Scan Indicators and CandleStick Patterns »

In Keystocks software you can scan stocks on basis of vairous Indicators along with Candlesticks patterns.


  Moving Average Analysis »

In this analysis you can scan stocks on basis of crossover of any 2 user specified moving averages.

Alternatively you can also search for stocks which closed Above / Below some user specified Moving Average either in last bar or in last 3 bars.

   Closing Analysis »

You can search for stocks which were/are trading in tight range from last 'N' days, And today they have broken that range

You can also search for stock which closed Above / Below , High / low of user specified 15min Bars / Hourly Bars / Days/ Weeks / Months.

   Volume Analysis »

Volume Analysis play important role in selecting stocks for trading. We have merged volume analysis with price and rsi levels to filter stocks on various combinations.

   Search Buy / Sell Signals »

One of trading system in KeyStock is Divergence trading System. Uses can search of buy / sell signals basis on this system.

   MA Oscillator Analysis »

Another trading system in Keystocks is MA Oscillator system. You can Search for various options in this analysis

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